• Why doesn’t my membership apply to hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes and flood?

    Major catastrophes generate to many claims for 1 company to handle. Even large insurance companies must add temporary staff. The licensing process a public adjuster must navigate is time consuming and does not allow for a quick ramp up of staff. We also do not want inexperienced staff delivering our product. That is why we limit our catastrophe services to our existing members on a first come first serve basis.

  • Why do I have to pay to get my Catastrophic claim adjusted?

    Catastrophes require extra commitment on the part of adjusters to meet the demands of a large influx of losses. We offset that by offering added compensation to our staff. You benefit in turn by receiving public adjusting services at a substantially reduced price over the open market. Our Platinum level membership pays 6% of the net recovery. Our Premium level membership pays 8% of the net recovery.

  • I already have a claim but don’t have a membership. How can I get your service?

    Our In Process plan offers you an alternative to navigating the claims process alone.

  • Do I have to enter into a long-term contract for membership?

    Not at all. Our minimum agreement is 1 year, after which time you can renew your membership at the same level or upgrade if you so choose.

  • Suppose I have an EMPower membership and find that I need the services of a ClaimShieldUSA Public Adjuster?

    No Problems there! You can upgrade your membership. However, you will have to also purchase fee-based Public Adjusting. The fee for this service is 10% of the net recovery. This compares very favorably when compared to the 20% most other public adjusters charge. Also, you are credited your EMPower level membership fee with the upgrade.

  • Will ClaimShieldUSA Public Adjusters name be included on my insurance check?

    That depends. If you are a Premium or Platinum member and the loss is not from a catastrophic event (like a hurricane or earthquake) then no. If you have signed up for our InProcess membership or the loss arises from a catastrophic event, then yes.