Stressful circumstances and a complicated process make filing a claim that much more difficult.

You’re in the middle of a disaster. Fire, water damage, broken pipes, flooding, sinkholes, lightning strikes — you need the insurance company to pay the claim, so you can get on with your life. Right? So, you file a claim and your insurance company pays it and you are moving forward. Right? It’s not quite that easy.

While that is the way you would like it to work, it doesn’t always. Insurance claims can get denied or short paid for many reasons. Sometimes it is as simple as using the wrong terminology, or not properly documenting your losses when submitting a claim.

Do you have the knowledge and the skills to manage a major insurance claim? Probably not. Anyone who has filed an insurance claim knows first hand just how complicated and time-consuming it can be. Joining ClaimShield USA today will ensure you have the resources you need to get you through a terrible time, exactly when you need it the most.

ClaimShield USA empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully complete your claim. Don’t have the time or desire to file a claim yourself? Upgrade to the premium membership and ClaimShield USA will handle everything for you for a fraction of the cost of hiring a public adjuster or attorney. Don’t give up 20% or more of your claim, join ClaimShield USA today for complete peace of mind.

As a ClaimShield USA Member, you get the expert advice you need at a fraction of the cost! We even help you prepare for unexpected property losses before they happen, and we are there for you after the loss so you can rest in comfort knowing you’re covered before, during and after a loss.

This is a stressful time. Protect your family with ClaimShield USA and get the expert guidance you need to recover quickly and get the full benefits that your policy allows.


Your insurance company will review your claim and policy limits. Naturally, they are looking to confirm that your claim is a covered event and the amount is reasonable.  ClaimShield USA helps you navigate the process to get the coverage your policy allows, and restore your life as quickly as possible.


Insurance claim process can be complicated with all the legal jargon, coverage questions, and requirements. Just identifying the full extent of your loss can be a daunting task. ClaimShield USA provides the clarity and understanding you’ll need to file an insurance claim that covers your loss.


ClaimShield USA offers a digital vault for cataloging important policy documents, photographs and receipts for quick and easy reference should they be lost in a disaster. Maintaining a digital library and inventory before a loss is the best proof when filing your claim.

97.1% of all losses in 2016 were from property damage due to fire, lightning, wind, hail, freezing weather, or water damage.

ClaimShield USA is Here to Protect You & Your Family

In the event of property loss due to a disaster, ClaimsShield USA offers a complete step-by-step guide for your entire insurance claim process including the proper letters and forms you’ll need to successfully navigate the claims process.

In the event of property loss, ClaimsShield USA offers complete step-by-step guidance for your entire insurance claim process including the proper letters and forms you’ll need to be successful. You’ll learn the language of the claims adjuster and work with your insurance company from a position of knowledge. Plus, before disaster strikes, you can document all of your valuable possessions through our digital vault for easy reference and undeniable proof when you need it.

Join today and put more claims knowledge in your hands, just when you need it the most, all for one low monthly price.

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Get expert guidance and advise with our in-depth how-to video library.

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Access to proper forms and letters that you will need to send to your insurance carrier.

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Follow step-by-step instructions on how to properly present a claim to your insurance.

digital vault

Keep and up-to-date catalog of your personal possessions with our digital vault.

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Plan Ahead. Get a Public Adjuster on Your Side and Save!

Insurance adjusters are professionals working on behalf of the insurance companies they represent.
Attorneys can charge as much as 40% of your settlement.
How can you repair your home after paying your deductible plus 20-40% of your settlement? You can't.
With ClaimShield USA you get the help you need without the big price tag.

Have You Done All You
Can To Prepare For A Disaster?

Disasters can come from all directions, from common occurrences to the extremely rare.

Fire  >>  Hurricanes  & Tropical Storms  >>  Vandalism  >>  Water Damage  >>  Smoke Damage
Broken Pipes  >>  Lightning  >>  Sinkholes  >>  Floods  >> and much more!

If You Think It Can’t Happen To You … Think Again!

1 in 15 homeowners will file a claim for property damage every year.

1 in 40 Insured homes will have property damage related to wind or hail each year.

1 in 50 Insured homes will have property damage related to fire and lightening each year.

1 in 250 Insured homes will have property damage related to theft each year.

1 in 325 Insured homes will have property damage related to fire and lightening each year.

A successful claim can depend greatly upon knowing what is covered by your insurance policy, which is not simple at all.
It’s the power of the knowledge and tools created by a professional adjuster that can make the difference between a good or poor outcome.